The display can be split in indipendent areas, remotely managed by different users with their own privileges. 

The graphic theme is customizable in every single detail: from layout to contents (**) shown at the same time.

Users management allows to securely assign specific areas and roles to each operator. 

Security level can be increased thanks to one time passwords (OTP) generated by users smartphones, and by the four eye principle (4EP) for the most important actions.

Sync View

Contents play in sync over different displays in the same store.

Contents Check

Our server checks all uploaded contents and takes care of formats for the best performance according to the assigned display area.


Remote Diagnostic

All possible infos about hardware are collected for each player and they are available in the central server.


Thanks recurring screenshots it's possible to remotely check each single display.

Interactive interface & fullScreen

Different layouts can be recalled by touch actions from users. It's also possible to enlarge a picture by touch to fit the screen for best viewing.


All users interactions on displays are collected and accessible on central server. That's how you can discover which content is the most touched and how long has been viewed by your customers. Such infos are very useful for marketing, in order to discover users needs.


Every layout can use predefined widgets for meteo, news, clock, or even connect to external services in order to get infos like flight timing, etc.

Cloud vs. Local

Our server can be accessed via desktop and mobile devices. If additional privacy and security are needed, we can install our hardware appliance in your store under your VPN.

Face Recognition

Using a video source like a webcam connected to the player, the software can estimate sex and age of people and collect average infos for each single content and each single display. All pictures are immeditaley deleted after processing, full respecting privacy of shop visitors.

Wi-Fi analytics

Detecting mobile devices in a predefined range, we can collect infos like unique visitors, how long they stand close to the display and how they move in the store. All infos are stored respecting their privacy and can be read for each single content and each single display.